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Daikin Special Deal – T-Series

3.7KW from $1660 INSTALLED

Suitable for bedrooms, small to medium-sized living rooms. 25-40 m2

5.2KW from $1890 INSTALLED

Suitable for medium to large-sized living area. 40-60 m2

Note: All prices include GST. Special is based on a back to back install. Power feed will be from the closest powerpoint.



Panasonic New Aero Series

Z20vkr 2.7w from $1790 INSTALLED

Z42VKR 5.1kw from $2190 INSTALLED

Z50VKR 6kw from $2350 INSTALLED

Note: All prices include GST

Eco core GL Series

GL25VGD 2.3kw from $2300 INSTALLED

GL42VGD 5.4kw from $2800 INSTALLED

GL50VGD 5.8kw from $3077 INSTALLED

Note: All prices include GST

Cora R32 Series

FTXM20U 2.8kw from $1780 INSTALLED

FTXM46U 5.4kw from $2205 INSTALLED

FTXM50U 6.1kw from $2350 INSTALLED

Note: All prices include GST

Haier Tempo

Tempo 26 2.9kw from $1425 INSTALLED

Tempo 35 3.7kw from $1490 INSTALLED

Tempo 53 5.2kw from $1750 INSTALLED

Tempo 71 7.5kw from $2450 INSTALLED

Note: All prices include GST

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